Why Cheap SEO Tactics Will Never Work

May 4, 2016 by admin

Starting a new site is extremely exciting. If properly optimized, your website will change your life! It will propel your business to the next level! You have all of these ideas in your mind about what is going to happen. The millions of visitors that your site will get.

In your excitement you look for the easy dazzle. You go to a host that has ready made templates with easy customizations. What can I add to my site to make it aesthetically pleasing? I know! I will add flash banners, videos, feeds, and graphics! Your entire focus is steeped in what your site will look like. Why? Because you are designing your page from the aspect of a potential visitor. You know that when you go to a site you want to be dazzled.

What is the one thing that you are missing? How you got to the site in the first place. It wasn’t magic. It wasn’t something that you came up with out of thin air. You were led there more than likely by a search engine. Still in your excitement this does not cross your mind. You focus on building your site and on launch day you share your link with everyone and anyone! Your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ time lines are flooded with it and all of your promotional posts.

You sit back and wait for the traffic to flow in. In your mind its a cinch. You have the bedazzled website. You shared it with all of your friends and family. Of course they will share it right? They care about you so aren’t they just as excited about your site as you? You quickly find out that their excitement wanes. Your site traffic quickly follows suit. What are you going to do?

After researching you find out about SEO. You take their helpful hints and add keywords and a site description on your site. That’s what I was missing meta-data! Once again you sit back and wait. The traffic is going to be rolling in now! Right? No. Cheap SEO tactics will not work! As SEO becomes more sophisticated so do the methods used to cull and mine data by the search engines. The old methodology of simply entering keywords and other meta-data are long gone. You now must incorporate it into every aspect of your site and your marketing. The importance of SEO has risen in recent years. It is now an intrinsic portion of your marketing plan as a whole. It is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Many of the cheap SEO tricks are now considered black hat and will get you banned.

What is black hat SEO? It means that you use methods and means that are deemed unethical. You use a high number of link backs, you put keywords in your site that do not match your site’s content, and the list goes on and on. These methods may boost your traffic in the short term, but in the long run, they will cost you significantly more. Once you make that mess, you will end up paying an SEO firm more money to come in and fix the problem. What is the best way to prevent this from happening? Hire an SEO firm from the beginning!

If you are running a business you do not have time to personally sit and cull your information, analyze your information, and constantly update it like an SEO firm will. The more advanced the SEO becomes the more time will be spent researching it, initiating it, maintaining it, and updating it. These are time consuming activities that will take your time and efforts away from your core business.

So what should you expect from your SEO firm? It’s not the promise of a million visitors per month or their promise that you will shoot to the number one spot on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Instead your questions to about their services should include the following topics.

Q: Will you review my site to find out the accessibility and indexing issues are?
A: Yes we will review your site and determine what will be needed to improve accessibility, indexing, and crawlabilty of your site.

Q: Will all of your efforts be on my site or will you do external SEO marketing work?
A: We will make sure that we also focus on off-site SEO marketing techniques. (Look for them to say a program like importXML. This is important that you know what they are using.

Q: Do you do link building?
A: Yes we do link building. We use several different techniques in order to maximize the impact of our work.

Q: Will you research keywords?
A: Yes, we will research the buzz keywords for your industry. While we do this we will make sure that we also research key search terms used by people looking for a service or information base like yours.

Q: Do you also do Vertical Searches?
A: Yes we do use vertical searches. These are important to content specific sites that specialize in a specific area of information. These allow us to be listed on search engines that will look at certain aspects of your site and rank you accordingly.

Q: Do you use any black hat methods of SEO?
A: No we do not. We only use ethical methods. We base our methods on the requirements of the search engines. Further, use of black hat methods are ineffective. They are not targeted audiences. Instead, you will have spikes of traffic but they will not be looking for your services or information.

Now you say to yourself, “I see why I can’t get by with cheap SEO!” Who has the time for this truckload work? If you are running a business the answer definitely isn’t you. This is where the old adage comes into play. “You pay for what you get.” In the world of SEO this is no different. In today’s marketing age you have to pay to play, and you either are going to pay with money or time. Have no doubt, cheap is not the way to go as there will be a cost for effective SEO marketing.

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