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Social media sites are the 2nd most popular websites after search engines. According to June 2016 statistics, Facebook alone has over 1.13 billion active daily users (1.49 billion active monthly users). Facebook is only second to Google in terms of traffic but more powerful in many other aspects. For instance, 5 new profiles are created on Facebook every second. Facebook also receives the highest number of active mobile users, i.e. 1.03 billion users monthly. Over 4.75 billion content pieces are shared on Facebook every day. Also, 42% of all online marketers state that Facebook is vital to their business. Facebook is clearly the most popular social media website today.


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There are several other social media sites that receive millions of visitors every day. These social media sites include; Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Twitter for instance has over 300 million active monthly users. Pinterest has over 110 million active monthly users while LinkedIn and Google+ have 100 million and 300 million active monthly users respectively. Considering social media isn’t limited to websites i.e. there are popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat which have over 1 billion active daily users combined, the importance of social media advertising can’t be overlooked.


Social media marketing is however easier said than done and that’s where we come in. If you’re keen on getting the best out of social media for your business in Thailand, consider seeking social media services in Thailand from experts. Using social media for personal use isn’t the same as using social media for business. You need social media services from experts like SEO Express Thailand to get the best out of your social media experience in Thailand.


We have helped many businesses; small and large including multinationals like Mercedes, Volvo, Cisco and Dusit International establish an unmatched search engine and social media presence in Thailand. Just imagine what we can do for you. Grow your business to the next level by using social media for business. There’s more to social media advertising than opening a business page. Trust internet marketing experts with a proven track record. SEO Express Thailand has been in business for almost 20 years.


Before you do your own social media marketing, it’s important to remember that;


  • Setting up and managing social media campaigns on your own takes a lot of time and effort
  • You also need expert knowledge (Knowing how to use social media isn’t enough)


Get the best social media services in Bangkok, Thailand and focus on growing your business


Our Social Media Services in Thailand


We offer a variety of services. The most notable include;


1. Social media profile creation


We can help you create social media profiles in all the major social media sites/apps. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to create a perfect social media profile for your business, don’t worry. We have experts who specialize in social media profile creation on all social platforms you can think of. Just choose which social media platform you want and let us do the rest. We can also choose for you the best social media platforms based on your type of business, niche, target audience etc.


2. Social media management


We also manage social media platforms for our clients. Keeping up with social media posts, updates, trends, etc. can be a daunting task when you have a business to grow. SEO Express Thailand offers unmatched social media management services in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole. We can update your profiles, post content, track ads/posts, respond to comments, name it! When you choose SEO Express Thailand to handle your social media management in Thailand, you don’t need to worry about anything else.


3. Social media audit


We also offer social media audit services. If you already have a social media presence, we can conduct audits on all your social media profiles to help you determine your progress and craft ways of boosting your presence. Don’t rely on hearsay or guesswork. Let us conduct a thorough audit and let you know how you are faring based on hard facts.


4. Social media marketing strategy services


We can also help you craft winning marketing strategies on social media. We know what social media users want in regards to content. We also know how to target any demographic in any niche with viral content and ads. Don’t settle for mainstream social media marketing tactics when you can choose us and stand out above the rest.


5. Competitive analysis services


SEO Express Thailand can also analyze your competition for you on social media and help you craft strategies for beating them. If you care to know why your competitors have more likes, more followers on social media, look no further.


6. Specialized services


If you want highly specialized social media marketing services that involve a combination of any of the above services as well as other services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer just about any social media service you can think off including monitoring your followers and hiring social media brand evangelists for you.


Any business that is serious about growth must consider online marketing. SEO isn’t enough today. The power of social media to reach and engage a billion+ people on a daily basis can’t be overlooked. Almost everyone in the world who uses the internet uses social media on a daily basis. SEO Express Thailand offers you all the expertise and experience you need to grow your business in Thailand using social media.


Treat social media marketing with the respect it deserves by hiring experts like us and watch your business enjoy exponential growth. SEO Express is a tested and proven leader in social media services in Thailand.


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