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If you think seeking professional SEO services is a waste of money, think again!


Here’s the thing. Most website owners think they can handle their own SEO because there appears to be plenty of SEO information out there. What most website owners don’t know is that it takes a great deal of expertise and experience to get top rankings on Google and that’s where companies like SEO Express Thailand come in handy. In addition, keeping up-to-date with the current SEO algorithms and trends are imperative to stay ahead of your competition in Ko Samui all the time.


We Offer the Best SEO Services in Koh Samui and Thailand as a Whole



Basic SEO will never give you the kind of visibility you need online. It’s worth noting that most people never go past the first page of Google search results. Basic SEO can’t even get you to the second page of Google search results. In fact, there’s no point of doing SEO at all if you are going to do basic SEO. Furthermore, why have a website that won’t be seen by anyone? Also, remember the consequences of bad SEO practices used by novice SEO companies as well as website owners who decide to do their own SEO


Bad SEO Effects


  • Complete ban from Google
  • Waste of precious time, effort and money (You may be forced to build another site from scratch because of bad SEO)


It’s imperative to implement effective SEO elements into your website design and architecture. Everyone can build a site today, even for free, but very few people are able to build a successful website which gets tons of traffic from Google. The secret to getting plenty of traffic to your site is doing perfect SEO and to do perfect SEO, you need to know what most people don’t know about SEO. Basic SEO knowledge will get you basic SEO results.


That’s why you need to work with the best of the best SEO consultants in Koh Samui and beat your competition and dominate your market


We have assisted many companies including multinationals like Mercedes, Volvo, Dusit International and Cisco establish a strong online presence in Thailand. We’ve also worked successfully with countless small and medium sized businesses in Koh Samui and Thailand.


Don’t handle your own SEO or leave it to any SEO company in Koh Samui that comes your way. Choose true experts like us who have been tested and proven for years. We’ve been in business for 19 years now so you can bet we know everything there is to know about SEO. Get SEO right from the start. Seek professional SEO consultation in Koh Samui NOW.


Our SEO Services in Koh Samui


1. Viral content creation


We don’t just create content with keywords and add title tags, image tags and meta descriptions. Everyone does that today. We create viral content, i.e. the kind of content that gets shared all over the internet on social media. We have been in the SEO industry for a long time, so we understand all the elements of viral content. Google favors popular content when ranking so you are rest assured of enjoying superior ranking benefits when you use our viral content creation services. We can make all kinds of viral content from blog posts, eBooks and image files to audio and video content.


2. Link building


We also offer link building services. Google still considers backlinks when ranking websites. It is however important to note that you get the best ranking when you get back links from authority sites and not just any sites. We have been in the SEO industry in Koh Samui (and Thailand as a whole) since 1998 so you can be rest assured we have the expertise, resources and connections to link you with authority sites in Koh Samui. Link building is a very sensitive SEO service that could easily get your site banned if you don’t do it correctly. Trust SEO Express Thailand to offer you exemplary link building services. We have done it for many businesses.


3. Local SEO services (Google places)


Care to establish the strongest local SEO presence in Koh Samui? Look no further. We can help you rank high for all Koh Samui related keywords in your niche. We don’t just use local keywords in the site content. We go as far as setting up local accounts for our clients and optimizing them for the most popular local keywords. We also do Google map listing and much more. This service is highly recommended if you’re keen on topping search engine ranking for your most important local keywords.


4. Social media optimization services


SEO Express Thailand also helps website owners optimize their sites for social media since this has a significant effect on Google rankings. Google pays attention to websites which are popular on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.. Setting up and managing your own social media profiles won’t give you that much needed Google ranking advantage. We can help you set up your social media profile perfectly for maximum SEO benefits. We set up and manage professional business profiles, optimize profiles, sync profiles, create viral social media campaigns, manage social media reputation, you name it!


5. SEO audit services


We can also assess your SEO efforts and let you know where you are exactly and what you should do going forward. Before seeking SEO Services in Koh Samui, it’s crucial to know the performance of your site in regards to SEO. Trust us to tell you why you aren’t ranking high and what you need to do.


6. Reputation Management


SEO Express Thailand can also offer you reputation management services, which complement our SEO services. If your website has a negative online reputation i.e. bad reviews which are hurting your brand and SEO efforts, we can help you fix that.


7. Custom SEO Services


Because every website has their own SEO issues and competition, we will perform ongoing custom SEO services based on your specific needs. We will first analyze your website and come up with a custom plan uniquely made for your company. Then we will set-up an attack plan to achieve the KPI and target for the SEO campaign in Koh Samui. Feel free to contact us today and receive a FREE SEO analysis for your website.


Why Choose Us as Your Preferred SEO Consultants in Koh Samui?


  • We are the best. We have worked with multinationals like Mercedes, Volvo, etc. as well as countless small and medium-sized businesses and proven to work.
  • We have unmatched experience: We have 19 years of experience in the SEO industry in Thailand.
  • We work with the best, most experienced and skilled SEO experts in the industry
  • Our SEO services are risk free. We use proven SEO techniques. No bad SEO.
  • Free SEO analysis
  • 24/7 customer support


The above information highlights the reasons why you should treat SEO with the highest regard possible. Your search engine visibility is going to determine if you will make money with your website or not. Why should you leave such a delicate task to a novice?


We have been tested and proven to be the best SEO Company in Koh Samui by multinationals and small businesses alike.


Request for a FREE SEO analysis and forget about bad SEO forever.


Claim your rightful position on Google search for popular Koh Samui related keywords NOW!


SEO services in Koh Samui are bound to be better when you work with expert SEO consultants like SEO Express Thailand.





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