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When looking for SEO services in Pattaya, you want to work with the most experienced SEO Company like SEO Express Thailand. We have almost 2 decades of experience in the SEO industry in Pattaya and Thailand as a whole. We have been in operation since 1998 and are behind most of the companies with the strongest search engine presence in Pattaya and Thailand. We are one of the best SEO consultants, not only in Pattaya, but whole Thailand.


We have even helped global companies such as: Cisco, Volvo, Mercedes and Dusit International establish a strong online presence in Thailand. We are also behind many small businesses which have enjoyed online success. That is the SEO advantage we will offer you.


SEO services


After working in the SEO industry for so long and helping hundreds of companies thrive online, we know exactly what you need to do to enjoy the same success. There are numerous SEO companies starting up in Pattaya all the time. However, it’s very important to work with the most experienced provider. Furthermore, we have highly trained and skilled SEO experts with experience in many industries, who know exactly what it takes to take your business to the next level online.


SEO is not just about adding in tags on your website and you’re done. You need a specific skillset because ranking competitive keywords requires a deep understanding of over 200 ranking signals that Google uses. In addition, you need constant management and optimization to be the best it can be for Google.


To gain the best results requires specialized SEO services to stand out. Furthermore, it’s important to remind yourself of the dangers of dealing with inexperienced SEO companies;


Dangers of Bad SEO


  • Your website could be banned forever by search engines for bad SEO practices like having duplicate content, keyword stuffing, paid links etc.


  • Poor visibility on search engines. If you don’t get banned, your search engine visibility could be compromised severely because of bad SEO.


  • Wastage of time, money and effort. Bad SEO practices have no benefits at all.


These are some of the main reasons why you need to deal with an SEO company that understands exactly what they are doing from the start. Don’t be attracted by SEO Companies in Pattaya offering cheap and basic SEO services. In addition, there are many telemarketers trying to sell SEO services, but make sure to do your due diligence. In many cases, your company will just be a number and the entire sales model is to bring in new business all the time but the clientele turn-over is very high. You need to get your SEO right from the start.


Our SEO Services


We offer a holistic approach in regards to our SEO services in Pattaya and we don’t leave any stone unturned. Below are some of the main SEO ingredients that we offer our esteemed clients:


1. Keyword Optimization


We offer in-depth keyword optimization services. We don’t just do basic keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner. We go deeper and consider factors such as user intent, types of search queries and demographics. The basic keyword research considers search engines only. We go deeper to cater for what really matters, i.e. your audience. We understand the fact that giving your audience what they want is as important as ranking for a keyword which is why we strive to understand why your website visitors may want to use certain keywords.


Our deep understanding of user intentions helps us craft perfect keyword and content strategies. Our search query and demographic considerations help us to target different audiences and demographics, better using keywords, and giving you a competitive edge. We don’t generalize when it comes to keyword optimization. That’s one of the main reasons our clients have been able to remain ahead of the pack. We also know where to put keywords as well as the perfect number of keywords (keyword density) to give you an unmatched SEO advantage.


2. Content Optimization


We also offer content optimization services covering all types of website content from text to pictures, audio and video content. Keywords are useless if they aren’t integrated into content. Once we find the best keywords for your website, we craft high quality and useful content for you. As mentioned above, a keyword won’t mean much if it is not accompanied by the information a searcher is looking for.


Google algorithms consider the usefulness of content when ranking websites so it’s important to offer your website visitors exactly what they are looking for in your content. We have highly skilled, experienced and dedicated content experts capable of handling all your content needs from creation, optimization and posting. We can create high quality and useful website content, blog posts, pictures, audio and video content to keep your company ahead of your competition.


3. PPC Services


We also offer Pay Per Click services to our clients who would want to pay for search engine traffic. Sometimes SEO (especially for highly competitive keywords) may not yield you the results you want i.e. a first place ranking. In such instances, PPC ads may come in handy. It’s however important to note that setting up and managing PPC ads can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in to handle every aspect of PPC ads from keyword research to competitive bidding, ad management and reporting. Get the best value for your money by using PPC ad experts like us.


4. Link Building


We also offer link building services as part of our main SEO services in Pattaya. Search engines consider the number and quality of backlinks when ranking sites. It’s important to have other high quality and relevant websites linking to yours. Those sites also need to be authority sites in your niche. We have been in the SEO industry in Pattaya and Thailand for years. We can get you the best backlinks possible from most authority sites in Pattaya and Thailand as a whole. We have the necessary connections, resources and expertise to offer you a foolproof link building strategy bound to secure you the best page ranking possible.


5. Local SEO Services (Google Places)


We can also help you establish the strongest search engine presence in Pattaya. We will set-up a local account for you in Pattaya and optimize the account perfectly to give you the unmatched local search advantage for all popular local search keywords related to Pattaya. This approach will enable your business to enjoy great organic listing and map listing benefits.


6. Social Media Optimization


We also offer social media optimization to clients who would like to enjoy the benefits of a strong social media presence. It is important to note that Google also considers social media presence when ranking websites. The importance of having social media profiles for your business can’t therefore be overlooked. We can create and manage your presence in all kinds of social media platforms. We can optimize your social media presence to target Pattaya. We can create and manage all types of social media content for you from updates/posts to pictures, audio and videos. Don’t leave your social media presence to a novice. Work with experts and get noticed fast by search engines while engaging your clients perfectly.


7. Custom SEO Services


We also offer custom SEO services that entail any of one or more of the above SEO services among other unique SEO services you may require. For instance, we offer constant SEO monitoring/reporting services. We strive to offer continuous SEO services because we understand that SEO is a continuous process and search engine algorithms keep changing.


8. Free SEO Consultation Services


We offer free consultation services in Pattaya to any company who simply fills in the form on this page and sends the request.


In a nutshell, we cover all aspects of SEO perfectly ensuring you get the best possible SEO results. We understand that SEO is a complex process which is why we offer the best variety of services.


Main Benefits of Choosing SEO Express Thailand


  • We are highly experienced (18 years of experience in the SEO industry)


  • We have the best SEO experts in Thailand (Highly trained, experienced, skilled and dedicated SEO experts)


  • We offer the best variety of SEO services


  • Our services are affordable but high quality


  • We have an unmatched reputation (having worked with global companies like; Mercedes, Volvo, Cisco etc.)


  • We use 100% white hat/while label SEO techniques. (0% risk of bad SEO)


  • We offer exemplary SEO results (We have been tested and proven)


  • We offer free SEO consultation and analysis


From the above information, SEO Express Thailand definitely stands out as your best SEO Company in Pattaya. Why should you choose other SEO companies when you can get affordable but high quality SEO services from an SEO company with an impeccable reputation? Establish the strongest online presence in Pattaya with us.


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