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SEO Express Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best and oldest SEO services and consultation companies in Chiang Mai and Thailand as a whole. The company has been offering SEO services for almost two decades now (since 1998). We have helped countless businesses in Chiang Mai, Thailand and all over the world to establish a strong online presence. We can do the same for your company.


Any business today operating in Chiang Mai or anywhere else in Thailand and the world at large needs an online presence to grow to the next level. According to the latest 2016 internet penetration statistics, Thailand has a 42.7% internet penetration rate. This simply means that almost half of Thailand’s population uses the internet today (that’s approximately 30 million internet users out of a population of 68 million people).
The importance of having an online presence as a business owner in Chiang Mai can’t therefore be overlooked. But having an online presence isn’t enough. You need to have a STRONG online presence to stand out from your competition. That’s where SEO Express Thailand comes in!


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The SEO Industry in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai has a number of SEO companies. We, however stand out because of our 18 years of experience and rock-solid reputation among many other factors.
The importance of choosing an SEO company carefully can’t be overlooked given the fact that:


  • Bad SEO practices can get you banned by search engines forever.
  • SEO is the core of internet marketing. As a result, you want to get it right the first time. The best way of doing this, is working with a reputable SEO company from the start.
  • SEO is a very technical field. You need a company that understands the field perfectly and not one that simply offers very cheap basic SEO services, which won’t get you high on Google search results pages.
  • Almost every SEO company you come across will promise results. The only way of guaranteeing results is to check a company’s past record. Our record speaks for itself. We have worked successfully with many multinationals, including: Mercedes, Cisco, Volvo and Dusit International just to mention a few. We have also worked successfully with many small businesses in Chiang Mai and Thailand as a whole.


Our SEO Services in Chiang Mai


SEO Express Thailand can help you carry out SEO targeted to your local area (Chiang Mai). We offer the best variety of SEO services in Chiang Mai (all SEO services you can think of). We also offer SEO services with a difference as discussed below:


1. Keyword Optimization


Keyword optimization is one of the most important SEO services given the fact that people use keywords to find information on search engines. It is however important to note that most SEO companies offer basic keyword optimization services, which won’t offer you that much needed competitive advantage.
We dive deeper into keyword optimization. We don’t just use the Google Keyword planner to find suitable keywords for your site and then use those keywords in your site content. We go way beyond the basics of keyword research to ensure we give you an unmatched advantage.


For instance, SEO Express Thailand considers 3 main things, namely; user intent, search query and demographic research over and above basic keyword optimization practices. We strive to discover the user intent in every popular keyword we come across since every search engine user has a specific intention when they use a specific keyword. As a result, we are able to identify exactly what your users want and give it to them via keywords.


We also consider the search query element. It is important to note that keywords are what you are trying to rank for. A search query is what your user types into Google. There are three main types of search queries, namely informational, transactional and navigational search queries. Informational search queries are used by users who want information on a specific topic. Transactional search queries are used by users who are trying to transact (buy) something. Navigational search queries are used by users who are trying to find a specific website.


Our deep understanding of the different types of search queries helps us craft better keyword optimization strategies. We don’t focus on search engines only in our keyword optimization strategies. Your user’s queries are also important to us.


We also conduct demographic research as part of our keyword optimization services. We don’t generalize your audience when carrying out keyword research. We craft keywords that target different demographics, because people with different personas respond to things, i.e. certain headlines (keyword phrases) differently. With all the above keyword considerations, you are assured of ranking high (if not the highest) on search engines for all your major keywords.


2. Content Optimization


We also handle all matters pertaining to website content from web page content to blog and press release content. Although keyword optimization is very important, it is just a piece of the puzzle. Once we find the right keywords for your website, we create high quality and engaging website content around those keywords to make sure users who find your website via search engines find what they are looking for. We understand that users aren’t interested in keywords if they don’t get high quality, helpful and engaging content.


We also ensure keywords are placed perfectly (i.e. evenly distributed in headings and throughout the content) and they meet the recommended keyword density guidelines (i.e. they aren’t too many, which is bad for SEO). We have content experts capable of creating great SEO content targeting Chiang Mai.


3. PPC Services


We can also help you take advantage of Google ads to complement your SEO. Pay per Click (PPC) is a great way of paying to get traffic. While traditional SEO may take some time, PPC ads produce faster results because they are shown to searchers who type specific keywords on search engines. PPC ad campaigns are however expensive and challenging to set up and manage. As a result, you need the services of experts like us to get value for your money. We have unique strategies for boosting your profitability for every click. We conduct thorough keyword research and selection as well as perform bid management and ad campaign reporting on behalf of our clients. We can choose the most profitable keywords from your Adwords account and use them in your SEO campaign. If you are keen on getting the best from your PPC ads, choose PPC ad experts like us.


4. Link Building


We also offer high quality link building services as part of our SEO services. Link building is still a very important part of SEO. For a website to rank high on search engines like Google, the website has to have links from other websites. Link building has become challenging since websites need to be linked to authority sites and not just any sites to enjoy high search ranking. That’s where we come in. We have the capacity to get you linked to authority sites in your niche.


5. Social Media Optimization


SEO Express Thailand also optimizes websites for social media, which is known to offer an SEO advantage. Search engines favor websites with a strong social media presence. We can create a strong local social media presence for your business in Chiang Mai. We have highly skilled and experienced social media experts capable of making you untouchable in all popular social media sites today. We can customize everything for you from profile to posts and images/media to ensure search engines notice and favor you.


6. Local SEO Services (Google Places)


We will also help establish your company’s presence using Google Places (formerly Google Maps). We will set-up your local account in Chiang Mai and optimize it to achieve higher rankings using Google maps when your potential customer searches for your keyword(s) + Chiang Mai. By using this approach, you can benefit from double placements and exposure in the SERPs (organic listing and map listing).


7. Other SEO Services


We offer much more. For instance, we can offer custom SEO services to meet your most unique SEO needs. We can train you on SEO basics and/or offer a combination of any of the above services as well as any other SEO services you may want or need i.e. SEO monitoring and reporting.
There’s no need to waste your time, effort and money attempting to do your own SEO or hire any SEO consultation or services company in Chiang Mai when you can hire experts like us and get the job done perfectly for a very reasonable price. We are one of the most respected SEO consultants, not only in Chiang Mai, but in Thailand, and SEO is the most crucial part of internet marketing.


Top Benefits of Choosing Us


  • Unmatched experience in the SEO industry (18 years of experience)
  • Highly skilled SEO professionals (we have hired the best SEO experts in the business)
  • We have a solid reputation. We have been tested and proven (having worked successfully with small and big global companies like Mercedes, Cisco, Volvo and Dusit International)
  • Our SEO services are reasonably priced
  • We use 100% white hat & while label SEO practices
  • We offer free SEO consultation services in Chiang Mai

SEO Express Thailand is undoubtedly the best SEO Company in Chiang Mai for you if you are interested in establishing the strongest search engine presence for Chiang Mai-related search terms. As seen above, we have everything it takes to deliver the best possible SEO results.


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