Can an SEO Company Really Guarantee Keyword Rankings?

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There’s a reason why reputable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies don’t guarantee search engine or keyword rankings. In fact, if there are prospective companies and providers that promise you such things, you should take that as a red flag of sorts. They’re essentially promising you the stars and the moon by saying such things and you’re better off with a company with a more realistic and honest take on keyword rankings and SEO.

Better Business Practices and Marketing

Top companies that provide quality SEO consulting and development don’t usually, if ever, provide guarantees of top keyword rankings. This isn’t because they’re following the maxim of “show, not tell” when it comes to advertising. Rather, they’re being realistic and they don’t want to end up promising something that they can’t deliver.

This is a foolish marketing tactic followed mostly by desperate companies (and it also constitutes as false advertising). In fact, you should stay away from any companies that guarantee SEO or keyword rankings.

SEO and Guarantees Are Linked to Scams

SEO scammers have ruined the act of assuring customers of surefire SEO guarantees, making it comparable to spamming in heinousness. From 1996 to the present day, SEO scams have promised guaranteed traffic and rankings as a catchphrase to lure gullible customers with promises that are too good to be true. In the SEO industry, guaranteed keyword rankings are akin to getting a scam email from a Nigerian prince.

Even businesses that might consider using the guarantee label are quick to retract or avoid it altogether after doing enough research on proper SEO marketing. As a rule of thumb, clients availing of SEO services should avoid any guarantees or promises of specific number 1 ranking on Google and other search engines. Such headlines alarm customers the same way spam email for Cialis and Viagra does.

Google and Other Search Engines Discourage Guarantees

According to Google’s guidelines on search marketing, no one can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google. Other search engines have similar sentiments in regards to such promises. As far as SEO providers are concerned, they shouldn’t claim to guarantee rankings or allege a special relationship with Google. As far as SEO consumers are concerned, they should avoid any company that claims such nonsense. Google itself has established that no SEO company can artificially put their clients on the top spot.

It’s actually commonsensical. If SEO companies can make any company get the top results, then Google search results (which are based on relevance, search signals, organic interest, user input, and so forth) would be completely unusable and full of multinational companies in every relevant keyword. At any rate, it’s discouraged for SEO providers to make guarantees because any client that have read Google’s claim that guarantees are bogus will stay clear from them.

Rankings Aren’t Stable

Google rankings are inherently unstable, especially when it comes to generic keywords like “SEO company”. Type that into your browser and the search engine will give you various results depending on where you’re from, what time of day it is, and what the current SEO trends are. It varies from region to region, period to period, and so forth because Google is all about giving personalized search results to their customers rather than the generalized results of yore found in old crawler sites or directories like Nineties Yahoo.

To guarantee that your SEO company has guaranteed search results for clients with different personalized results or different regions is more than a little iffy. It’s a bit more realistic to claim that you can have top results for “SEO company Portland” or “SEO company Seattle”, but to guarantee those top results is being disingenuous as well. The search engine results and keyword rankings are as unstable as asset values in binary options trading or the foreign exchange, really.

Overall Performance Can’t Be Judged by Keyword Rankings

To be perfectly honest, rankings are a poor metric for overall website performance. To get the big picture on how effective SEO is on your site, you need to be aware of traffic increases, brand awareness, the amount of shared content in social media, and its relevance to your sales funnel (how much of the traffic and visitors you’re getting can be converted into paying customers and sales or a regular audience).

SEO keyword rankings are only part of the picture and rankings don’t equal traffic. Users still reserve the right to ignore the top search item in case they’re not relevant to what they’re looking for. The key to good SEO is to get your site to interested parties and to not promise anything you can’t guarantee to deliver.

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