What Is Black Hat SEO and Can It Work Nowadays?

August 29, 2018 by admin

Black Hat SEO has gotten a bad reputation amongst users and web site owners and very few really use this technique anymore. This technique includes aggressive SEO strategies that only focus on tricking the search engines, and don’t cater to the needs and desires of consumers or the human user.

In the past, it was thought that if a web page had a high percentage of keywords throughout the text, it would rank well with search engines. This was supposed to result in the page receiving such a high ranking that it would show up on the first page of the SERP results, thus giving the website owner much more traffic. All business owners nowadays are looking for ways to rank higher because this ultimately results in better sales.

Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Seeing that website owners were doing this, Google began updating its algorithms in 2011. These were called the Panda updates and they were designed to weed out low quality sites that contained too much advertising. Though this did produce some positive results, it also allowed scrapers or copyright infringers, to obtain better results than those of the original site owner in many cases. The ensuing battle caused Google to go back to the drawing board and update Panda several more times in order to address these problems.

In 2012, Google began an algorithm update called Penguin. This one was aimed at websites that violated their Webmaster guidelines. These violations included link schemes and black hat SEO tactics. Over the years since then, it has become clear that website owners are so desperate to get on the first page of the search engine results that they will artificially manipulate the rules wherever possible.

Today, the battle rages on between those website owners who are more concerned with giving consumers a better user experience and those who will resort to black hat SEO to improve their rankings. Though black hat SEO can provide temporary results, it’s not a viable long-term solution. Consumers are more apt to visit high quality sites that provide solid information, products and services. The user experience has become of paramount importance.

What is a High Quality Website?

All these rules and regulations were created for the simple purpose of rewarding website owners who build a great site and offer good products and services. Common sense would say that this type of site should rank better than one where underhanded techniques are used. A high quality website contains helpful content that users enjoy reading and can benefit from. The products and services are clearly outlined with effective calls to action.


Low quality sites often hire “Spammers” who go to a website, but instead of posting a legitimate comment, they post a non-related promotional link. The technique rarely ever produces good results. Many experts consider it a complete waste of time. If your website welcomes comments from users, you’ll eventually get one of these Spammers. Their comments are offensive to most users and should be deleted as soon as possible. In terms of increasing rankings, spam comments are 100% “No Follow” so they do not add to SEO power at all. Though there are now tools online that will automatically sprinkle comments across the web, these tactics generally do not produce effective, long-term results.

A Better Solution

The solution is simple: Build a good website that includes informative content. Avoid cheesy ads that pop up right in the middle of someone’s visit. Give users a better web experience than the competition. Though this may sound easy, business owners seem to try everything but this simple formula.


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