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Any company looking for SEO consultants or any SEO services in Phuket should focus on working with the best SEO company that has the knowledge and experience to deliver top results in Google with increased traffic and sales. While there are lots of SEO companies in Phuket, it’s important to understand that starting an SEO business is very easy, but delivering top results is another story. This is why you should never pick the cheap SEO services available in the local market because you will always get what you pay for. In the end, it will determine the success or the failure of your online business. . Choose a bad SEO company and risk being banned by search engines like Google for life. Choose to work with the Best SEO Company in Phuket and enjoy lasting success online.




SEO Express Thailand has been tested and proven to be the best SEO Company in the business. First and foremost, we are the most experienced. We’ve been operating for 19 years now, since 1998, acquiring unmatched experience in the field. There is no SEO service we can’t offer. There is no SEO problem we can’t solve. Our free SEO consulting services are highly valued not only in Phuket, but whole Thailand and abroad.


We’ve also worked with the best of the best companies globally i.e. multinationals such as Mercedes, Volvo, Cisco and Dusit International helping them establish a strong online presence in Thailand. Just imagine what we can do for your local business if we offered multinationals SEO services successfully?


We also stand out as the best because we have the best team of SEO professionals in the industry. Over the years, we have managed to attract and keep the best SEO talent in the industry both locally and internationally. Our SEO team has handled all kinds of SEO tasks successfully. They are highly trained, skilled and experienced. And above all, they love what they do.


SEO Express Thailand also stands out for offering the best variety of SEO services. As mentioned above, there is no SEO service we can’t offer. We understand the fact that SEO is a complex process that involves multiple tasks aimed at achieving great results (ranking highly, increase traffic and sales) which is why we don’t leave any stone unturned. If it qualifies as an SEO service, you can be rest assured we can offer it.


These are some of the main reasons why we stand out. You don’t need an SEO Company that offers basic SEO services when you have access to tested and proven SEO experts like us. Furthermore, the dangers of using inexperienced SEO companies known to use bad SEO practices are dire.


Dangers of BAD SEO


  • Complete ban from search engines: Bad SEO practices such as duplicate content, keyword stuffing, buying low quality links etc. can get your website penalized on Google forever. Inexperienced SEO companies are known to use bad SEO practices to rank fast.
  • Waste of time, money and effort: Without a good online presence, your business can never be able to leverage on online leads/markets.
  • Poor visibility: If you’re lucky enough not to get penalized, your website will have poor visibility, which is just as bad as having no SEO done at all.

In a nutshell, don’t settle for inexperienced and regular SEO companies. There are many such companies online. They may appear to offer very cheap SEO services but those services usually turn out to be very costly in the end. Get your SEO right from the start by dealing with a reputable SEO company in Phuket like SEO Express Thailand.


Our SEO Services in Phuket


We offer a wide variety of services. The most notable services we offer include;


a. Keyword Optimization


We offer keyword optimization services with a difference. We don’t just do basic keyword research using readily available keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner. Every SEO company does that. We dig deeper and focus on finding keywords that satisfy important factors such as user intent. We also consider demographics and the different types of search queries when offering our keyword optimization services. We don’t focus on search engines only. We also pay attention to users when choosing keywords. This win-win keyword strategy ensures that the needs of both search engines and users are met by the keywords we choose. We target all these important metrics when selecting keywords, which is why our clients are able to stay ahead of their competition.


b. Content Optimization


We also offer content optimization services. Our content optimization services in Phuket ensure your website stays ahead of the pack in regards to all content types from website articles to blog posts, pictures, audio and video files. We have expert content creators with unmatched experience and expertise to craft the best content for your website. We understand the fact that it’s not enough to include the right keywords in your website content. The content needs to be relevant and high quality for it to engage your website visitors and prompt them to take favorable actions such as buying whatever you are selling on your site.


Our content services go as far as ensuring all your keywords are properly placed in the website content i.e. in the titles, sub-headings, meta-description, title tags, image tags etc. as this offers the best SEO results. We also make sure you include just the right number of keywords to avoid bad SEO practices like keyword stuffing. Our localized content optimization services in Phuket complement our keyword optimization services perfectly to rank your website prominently.


c. PPC Ad Services


In case you want to pay for search engine traffic, we can offer you unmatched PPC ad services. Our PPC ad services are great for getting traffic on highly competitive keywords that may be difficult to rank organically. We can set-up as well as manage all your PPC ad campaigns ensuring you pick the right keywords and get the highest return per click. We have the best PPC ad managers capable of handling all your PPC ad tasks from competitive bidding to ad management and reporting.


d. Local SEO Services (Google Places)


We also offer local SEO services which help our clients establish a very strong local search engine presence in Phuket. We will set-up a local account for you in Phuket as well as optimize the account to offer you unmatched local search advantage for all the popular local search keywords you wish to rank for in Phuket. This service offers our clients great organic and map listing benefits


e. Social Media Optimization


We also offer social media optimization as part of our SEO services variety. Search engines consider social media presence when ranking websites today. The importance of this service can’t therefore be overlooked. We have social media optimization experts capable of creating an unmatched social media presence for you and your business on all the popular social media websites. We can create and manage all your social media profiles and content. Don’t do social media management for fun. Our professional social media optimization service will help you get noticed faster by Google as you engage your clients more.


f. Link Building


We can also help you link your website to authority sites in Phuket (link building). It’s important to note that Google ranks a site higher when that site is linked by important sites. We have the network and resources to link your site from authority sites in Phuket, giving you unmatched ranking advantage over your competitors in the long-term. You don’t have to worry about broken links when you choose us. Our link building service is foolproof.


g. Custom SEO Services


We offer you highly customized SEO services, which is much better compared to cookie cutter SEO plans. We study your website and competition in detail and come up with a custom plan to achieve the KPI that we agree on.


h. Free SEO Consultation Services


If you have any doubts if your website is properly optimized for search engines, fill in the form on this page and our SEO consultants will analyze your website for free.


Top Benefits of Choosing SEO Express Thailand


  • We are the most experienced SEO Company in Phuket. We have 19 years of experience.
  • We have been tested and proven by many multinationals and local businesses in Phuket
  • We have the best team of SEO experts in Thailand
  • We offer all SEO services you can think off
  • Our services are reasonably priced but high quality
  • Our services are risk-free: No bad SEO practices
  • We offer free SEO analysis


We clearly stand out as the best SEO Company in Phuket from the above information. Don’t leave your SEO services in Phuket to novice inexperienced SEO companies when you can choose us and enjoy high quality and reasonably priced SEO services. The consequences of using inexperienced SEO companies are dire as seen above. Work with SEO Express Thailand. A tested and proven SEO company.


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