Is Your Company Looking for High Quality SEO Services in Bangkok Thailand by Expert Consultants with 18 Years of Experience?

SEO Express is an SEO company located in Bangkok, Thailand.  We have experience since 1998, positioning small, medium and large companies in the top of Google search results.

SEO EXPRESS THAILAND has successfully managed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns for hundreds of companies in Thailand and overseas. Some of the major companies include Volvo, Dusit International, Cisco, and Mercedes to name some of the few bigger companies. Most of our clients are located in Bangkok, Thailand but we also provide SEO consultation for overseas clients.

Custom Tailored SEO Services Specifically for Your Company?

Our consultation includes an in-depth consultation and research into your industry and company. We will address all the critical SEO issues that your website is currently facing and will build a robust marketing strategy to increase the search engine exposure for targeted short term and long tail keyword phrases. This SEO strategy has always helped our clients to achieve increased traffic and sales for their website. All clients will also be able to track the revenue generated from our SEO campaign and even find out what portion of their marketing channels contribute the most to their bottom line.

Unlike other run-of-the-mill SEO companies, we do not use automated tools to climb up Google’s SERPs nor do we use cookie cutter SEO plans which do not work anymore. Instead, we prepare a customized and individually-tailored SEO strategy that works specifically for your website. We believe that every website is different; therefore, we look into all the aspects of your current rankings in Google.

We also perform an in-depth SEO analysis of your competitors when developing an SEO plan for your site. We will extract all the back link data and information from your competitor’s websites to get a complete overview of the competitive landscape.

Local SEO Campaign in Thailand vs International Strategy

A local SEO campaign in Thailand has a different approach compared to an international SEO campaign. A local campaign is always cheaper compared to an international campaign which is due to the competitive landscape. Are you going to target all Thailand or specific sections such as Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Pattaya etc.

In addition, every website has a domain authority and trust in Google. The time it takes to see results depends on where you stand right now in terms of your competitor’s websites.

Whether you need a local campaign here in Thailand or an international approach, we will help boost your domain authority and trust in Google, which is not only the best way to gain higher rankings but also a safer approach for any Search Engine Optimization campaign (after the Panda and Penguin updates).

With experience since 1998, we can guarantee professional SEO consulting services here in Bangkok Thailand that you can trust.

We are excited to work and forge a long-term successful relationship with your company.
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Why Choose SEO Express Thailand?

  • Quick, Reliable, and Expert Consultation Services
  • Panda and Penguin Safe SEO Strategies
  • Company with Proven Succ…for Hundreds of Clients
  • 95% Client Renewal Rate


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